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Min Zhou, CEO

"It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey to build Thingple with my team. I was fortunate to invest in Impinj when it was founded and it has been incredible to see RFID finally seeing increased adoption in industrial applications.

Beyond RFID, we have also added IOT platform in the past two years. I feel that Industrial 4.0 is in its early days and has long way to go in terms of its potential. Thingple is currently helping our customers to connect sensors easily to add more edge data, we will grow with our customers as they put more data to use to generate valuable insights.

B2B business takes patience to build, but I and my team are committed to the journey, and we can not have better customers to grow with" 

Hart Xu, VP of Technology

"I lead the technology development team at Thingple. Thingple is leading the industry, to help our clients to evolve to industrial 4.0, and I am happy to be one of  this great team.

I have over 20 years system design and software development experiences like SaaS and distributed system development.

We believe that by connecting all the assets and things online, apply AI technology analyze the generated big data, our clients will harvest from the investment of new technology, and improve their productivity, efficiency and quality dramtically."

Fred Cai, Engineering Director

"Engineering is the key success factor for Industrial IoT  solution. To meet industrial needs, like fast implementation, robustness in harsh environment and easy maintenance etc. We invent a lot of tools and working methods to sesure all these, and apply a lot of patents based on our unique technology.

I  am in charge of  Thingple's engineering team, cover both hardware design and field application. I have more than 15 years of electronic design experiences, like handheld equipments, sensors, RFID readers and tags, especially in LPWAN sensor and transmission hardware design"

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